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Company History

The creation of Williams Drumheads® brand is just a continuation of a legacy left by the patriarchs of the Tonelli Family within the Brazilian music segment. The family business started in the 1960s, in the city of Londrina, North of the state of Paraná, in the south of Brazil.


Its founder and current CEO, Silvio Tonelli started his career in the music segment in 1988, working as a salesman at the family's musical instrument store. After 28 years developing projects in the retail, distribution and industry sector, in November 2016, Mr. Tonelli created the Williams Drumheads® brand.


Williams® is a Brazilian brand of drums accessories. All projects, development, testing, marketing and administration are carried out in Brazil and our factory is located in the city of Tianjin, China.


The brand was created aiming at being global and, in just five years, has distributors in ten countries. Our effort is to take our context of exclusivity to many other countries, we have a passion for innovation. We like to make products that people stop to see and get surprised. This is the heart of our business: always surprise! - Doing Beats For Life!


Drummers continually tell us about their inspirations to play with our drumheads. Our artists around the world always suggest how to improve our products and this is our biggest challenge, to do better every day. Our team of designers have total autonomy within the company. This is our ultimate goal and the driving force that pushes us forward to create new sounds and new beats.


We are changing the concept of drumheads made in China. The factory gave us full autonomy to introduce new raw material controls, production, finishing and all final quality control. We are not worried if we will have the best price in the global market, but we are sure we have a reputable product for an honest value. We take care of every single detail!


To create products for drummers so that integrity precedes technique.


To satisfy technically and personally the drummers of all levels.


To develop business with purpose before profit.

"I have always projected products for drummers who dream big. I am constantly seeking to have a team of artists prioritized by the character before the technique, having a company with a purpose before profit, with a mission. SCT Music Group is doing all this and every day these goals motivate me to continue on this exciting journey."

Silvio Cezar Tonelli - Founder & CEO

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