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Meet the Artist

According with the December 2015 editon of Modern Drummer Magazine, one of the biggest names in Brazilian christian drums is also “one of the greatest teachers on the instrument in the country”, saying by Don Famularo  - himself the greatest recognized teacher and drummer in the world today - in a pool that he made for the magazine.


Ébano Santos, from Southest Brazil’s capital Porto Alegre, began his drums studies at the age of 12. He played in several “garage” bands until he was 18, when he started his drum studies with Carlos Ovelha and soon after, with Moises Piangers. Since then, he started to play professionally in club bands in the Porto Alegre area. In 1994 he met the leg- endary teacher and drummer Argus Montenegro, and soon began to learn more about brazilian rhythms. But it was with lessons with genius Kiko Freitas that Ébano unleashed his talent and went deep into the study of drums. In 1999, he became christian and his career took him to another path.


He started to attendet as drummer at the Encontros de Fé Church, one of the biggest evangelical churches in town.


That experience opened the doors for him as a session and side musician, bein able to play with artists sucha as art - ists Marcos Witt, Ron Kenoly, Chris Durán, Davi Sacer, Gerson Santos, Marquinhos Gomes, Paulo César Baruk, Bo Järpehag, Soraya Moraes, Billy Bunster, Junior Oliveira, Nani Azevedo , Tanlan, Evandro Alves, Luis Fontana, Asaph Borba, Fabiano Soares, Cristiane among others. He was a cofounder of a christian band called Exodus, recorded two albums “Situação” (2002) and “Quantas Vezes Mais?” (2004). He also recorded with artists such as Júnior Oliveira, Evandro Alves, Mário Alves, Patrícia Campos, Evandro Alves, Paulo Figueiró, Adriana Paz, Henrique and Rafael, Nestor Di Ponte, Misael and Fernando, Vagner Melo, Rosimeri Fontana and many other brazilian christian artists and acts.


Recently, Ébano recorded his first instrumental project in a duo, with keyboardist Thiago Marques, called Grandense, with great reviews from specialized press. But the great passion of Ébano is the art of teaching. Today, he maintains the Bateristas Para Cristo (Drums For Christ - Drum School), graduated more than 1000 students so far, from all kind of backgrounds and ages.  His classes are held, from Monday to Saturday, starting at 7:00 AM! Kids and adults, amateurs and professionals who seek from the most basic steps on the instrument to intricate grooves, found in Ébano teaching a kindly effort in order to achive their goals, with his own method and always a great joy for teaching. Ébano is also a great influencer for his students, friends, musicians and admirers of his work. His methods of doing classes, his YouTube videos and his way of dealing with students has inspired teachers and drummers around the country. All this is part of the inspiring, friendly and dedicated character with which Ébano embodies his work.

Country: BRAZIL


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