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Meet the Artist

I was born in a city called Paranacity, in the Northwest of Parana in Brazil, but I have lived since I was 22 years old in Cruzeiro do Sul (3 kilometers from where I was born).


At the age of 5, I began to feel enchanted about instruments and I fell in love with the drums. At that time, there were groups of ‘’Folia de Reis’’ (a traditional catholic celebration) and then I used to play zabumba. As I came from a very poor and needy family and we were unable to buy a brand new drums so my oldest brother, mostly known as Dedé, made me one using a wooden chair with two cans of home wax, two cans of paint and two broomsticks, where the tin caps were nailed. Actually, I used to spend most of my days playing with those cans, while the rest of my young friends played football or flew kites. I kept myself playing in the backyard dreaming of becoming a drummer one day. Even though the financial conditions we faced showed the opposite, I have never stopped dreaming.


In 1997 I went on stage for the first time to perform with a band from the city I lived. We had weekly rehearsals at that time; my resistance was not the best because I was only 8 years old.


In 1998 we realized some concerts around the neighborhood and for me it was incredible! A wonderful experience that I still remember how happy I felt like. From that moment on, I decided I wanted to become a drummer and improve myself in this career. For this reason I still practice everyday


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