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Meet the Artist

At the age of 16, the drums became the instrument loved by Josivaldo Santos who, upon joining the church, began to realize through positive reviews from musicians and producers that it was necessary to understand the need to share unrestrictedly his gift of praising God. Then came the motivation to carry out a deep musical study and the consequent and constant search for improvement, always maintaining humility and knowing that no matter how much knowledge is acquired, there is always a lot to be learned. And the result of such dedication added to the immeasurable love for music, combined with unshakable FAITH, could not be different: his talent began to be widely spread until today the name Josivaldo Santos has become the reference when the subject in question is the beats of music gospel. Impossible to define Josivaldo Santos... T


here would be countless adjectives that, in the end, would only reveal an artist who uses talent to make his heart beat ever stronger and in tune with God.


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