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Meet the Artist

Luana Dametto is a drummer from south Brazil. She began to dedicate herself to music and learn drums by the age of 12, until later on, at the age of 16, she joined her first band, Apophizys, where she discovered her passion and preference for Death Metal and learned most of her favorite drumlines til these days. With this band, she released her first full-length in 2015, called “Into the Chaos”. In 2016, she worked as a session drummer for a Black Metal band called Isfet, recording their EP “Souls Dragged into the Abyss of Torment”.


She studied Graphic Design at the Passo Fundo University in order to build a career in this field, while still working as a musician in her spare time, until at the age of 19. Then, in late 2016, she joined the all girl Thrash Metal band Nervosa, where she recorded their third full-length, “Downfall of Mankind”. After the album release, she traveled and toured a lot around the world, and played for the first time at the global festival Rock in Rio, making, then, music more than just a passion, but also an occupation and career.


At the age of 23, in 2020, she left the band, and started focusing only on her new musical project with some friends, called Crypta, which she co-founded in June 2019, and that goes back to her Death Metal roots and where she professionally plays currently.


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