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Meet the Artist

João Carlos Barbosa, in the music world, is known as JC Batera.


Professional drummer since he was 16 years old, he has performed alongside several artists from various musical segments. His musical career began in the city of Petrolina-PE, where he worked as a teacher, session drummer, and playing concerts in several cities in the northeast of Brazil. In 2010, he moved to Belo Horizonte MG, where he graduated in "Praise & Worship" at the CTMDT (Ministerial Training Center Diante do Trono), which opened several doors for him to work with artists from the gospel segment nationally, recording albums and doing shows, among them are: Diante do Trono (Performed in several shows, including the 1st Cruzeiro Diante do Trono), Nívea Soares, CTMDT Band, Filhos do Homem , Heloisa Rosa (Musile Sessions and Shows around Brazil), Arieta Magrini, Israel Salazar, Samuel Silveira, Samuel Moraes, among others.

In the year 2012, he started a Youtube channel with the intention of helping the drummers who play in churches, making video music lessons meetings, various exercises and videos on events. your channel today has more than 100,000 subscribers, with a high rate of views on their videos, generating traffic of more than 9 million views across the channel. With these numbers, JC becomes a reference among drummers on the scene brazilian gospel music.

He recently launched the “Drums in Praise” Ministerial Training,  focused online training for church drummers, the first work in this segment in Brazil! With a great acceptance by the public, the training already has more than 200 students scattered in Brazil and in countries like Switzerland and Portugal.

He currently resides in the city of Curitiba and accompanies singer Heloisa Rosa and the Filhos do Homem playing concerts throughout Brazil.

In May 2017, he recorded the new Ministério Filhos do Homem album, “Returning Home”, celebrating 20 years.  The work is already available on all digital platforms and the band is touring Brazil promoting the new album.


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