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Meet the Artist

The beginning was difficult as for most of those who live for music in Brazil.

His first contact with the battery was at the age of 10. Since childhood he dedicated himself to music, and as a consequence, invitations to play in bands in the city where he lived appeared.

Arriving in São Paulo, he was invited to join the band “Dose Certa” when he recorded his
first work entitled ‘Dose Certa’.

In 2001, he received a new invitation: to join the prestigious best gospel rock band in the world country: OFICINA G3. Recorded music and clips. It remained in it until 2003 and in that time performed throughout the country, always with a large audience and media acceptance secular. And with tour in the USA (Boston, California, New York) and Europe (Italy and Switzerland).

In July 2003, he made a special appearance in one of the presentations by Kevin Max (vocalist of the American band DC Talk), in Brazil.


After leaving Oficina G3, Johnny went through a period of musical improvement and as a result of that time, he composed songs that are part of the work with his brother PG (former singer of the band Oficina G3), CDs “Adoração” and “De Um Lado a Outro ”, by the label MK Music.

 In 2007, Johnny took over the vocals of his solo project and recorded his first CD entitled
“PROMESSAS” with unpublished songs of his authorship and has been acclaimed as a composer in gospel music in Brazil.

In 2013, Johnny received a proposal to record his first drum solo DVD entitled WORK IN SHOW, where he gathers great musicians and expression bands such as Oficina G3, singer PG, among others in the special participations.

Johnny Mazza is currently the drummer and owner of the band ROCKERAGE. He works as a music producer and arranger in his studio (Estúdio Mazza). It also accompanies the singer Ezequias Filho of Belo Horizonte - MG.

Country: BRAZIL

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