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Meet the Artist

Jorge Mata Arriaza is a Costarican drummer based in San Jose. Born and raises in San Pedro, he began playing drums as a child at the age of 9.

At this age, He started his music education under the tutelage of the master Nelson Alfaro, successfully completing the necessary training so his interpretation becomes surprisingly good, even more for someone of his age. Throughout his life he has enjoyed the tutelage of great masters, such as Gary Fernandez, Jorge Villalobos, Felipe Gutierrez, and Dennis Muñoz, with whom he shared more than just musically experiences, also has been able to share life lessons.

Jorge has being part of several musical projects throught his drumming carrier, and able to showcase different  abilities with each and every artist he has accompanied.

In his careers, he has been part of the musical projects for these artist as  Drummer:

1) Juan Carlos Chinchilla - " Cubreme" 
2) Jonatan Alvarez - "Destino"
3) Pili & Delaflote - "La Linea"
4) Daniel Piedra - "A la Luz de Tu Rostro"
5) Centro de Adoracion Familiar Internacional - Drummer, Drum Director and part of Leadership
6) Intimidad Con Dios Costa Rica - Drummer, Drum Director , part of Leadership Team.

Touring and Recording Drummer

Also, have had the great opportunity to be part of BH Training & Arts: which is a teaching/empowerment/training project fully focused on arts. The agenda include moving all throughout the country building clinics, congresses and master classes about all arts in general (dance, graphic arts, music - in which happened to be the  Musical Director while his wife and him were part of this project. 

Currently, Jorge is part of the following Worship projects:

Mafu Urbina: working on new music.  Part of his Recording and Touring Band.

Esteban Cruz:  "Asombrado" ,  the first single of his new production (name pending).  Part of his Recording and Touring Band.

Geancarlo Calderon: On pre production for his new single. Known artists in Costa Rica.

Has been part of the Worship Team also in the US, being Worship Leader on Calvary Church.
Part of his Recording and Touring Band.

PAS Music: The Worship team of his congregation Community PAS, which is a congregation of more than 3000 people, with a team of around 30 members that has a big social media impact, as well as streaming live the services.

You can see the videos of the church and Music Team (PAS Music) on the YouTube channel.  
As a team, they have launched their second team project named “Radiante Vol. 1”, as well as the previous production " Que Todos Sepan", which you can hear on Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube.

Also,  Single song such as "Cuan Grande" (part of Radiante Vol.1) and "Evidente" Every year they work to launch new music, and currently we are on the post production phase of our new CD.


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