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Meet the Artist

I started playing drums quite late, at the age of 18. It was around 2007, when I was studying at the university in the city of Khabarovsk (Russia). In the same place, together with my friends, I founded The Nomad band, in which I still play.

But music appeared in my life much earlier. Since my school days, I began to be interested in music and pretty quickly I was drawn to rock, and then to metal. Thus, already formed musical preferences predetermined my main genre.

Later, together with the band, I moved to St. Petersburg, where, in addition to The Nomad, I do session work and teaching.
My musical taste, among other things, was very strongly influenced by Sepultura, Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy - in this regard, I am very glad to cooperate with the Brazilian brand!

Since I mostly play metal, I prefer double heads on toms and kick drums - the Target series really suits me. 
On the snare drum, I also prefer double heads - both with coating (Density) and without coating (Target in different colors).


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