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Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist

I started playing drums at the age of 7. I always had passion for drums and one day a great friend of mine Gilson Gad, gave me the opportunity to start playing drums at church. At age of 11 I started playing in White Metal bands of Londrina City and at the age of 16 I returned to Maringa city, when I started playing at Comunindade Evangelica de Maringa, as a hired musician where I stayied until August 2013. With the CEM I recorded several CD's and DVD's. In 2013 I decieded move  to USA where I played in severeal Churchs. 

Currently I'm working as Sideman and recording drummer, I'm also giving some drumming class. 

As my main work I can quout: Comunidade Evangélica de Maringá, Carlos Lacerda, Erik Farley, Cânticos Vocal, Marcio Sampaio, Ivonil Machado, Conexão, Banda Farol do Alto,Adriana Salazar (gravado em Boston), Banda Graça, Erna Fuchs, Jaqueline Ferreira, Thiago e Fernando,  Son By Four ,Juliano Sócio , Padre Reginaldo Manzoti e  presto serviço também na Gravadora e estúdio Digi&tal  onde ja gravei mais de 95 cds pra Rede Adventista.

Currently I endorse:

Williams Drumheads
Pearl Drums
Kick Control

Country: BRAZIL

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