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Meet the Artist

Luiz Otávio de Amaral Silva, born in Vitória do Espírito Santo, currently resident in Serra Espírito Santo, is 14 years old and has been playing drums since he was three, son of the musician Junior Gomes.

Tavinho, as he is known, has been part of the jazz orchestra Band da vale since 2016, where he competed with 300 subscribers, passed in first place. today with 14 years old Tavinho is the new member of the Junior band of the PM of Vitória Espírito Santo, he competed with several drummers and with his talent he managed to pass the test on the internet, his videos have already surpassed 350 thousand views. His first recorded video, an execution of the song "tudo que sou" by the singer Eli Soares, passed 220 thousand views, the repercussion was highlighted in the newspaper tempo novo, where he told a little about the life of a young musician. the videos released every two weeks are already dragging a crowd of 6,000 subscribers on YouTube that actively contribute with suggestions.

His musical influence is based on soul, black music, azz and rock. his first amateur video was published when Tavinho was three years old, playing the song "Acid Rain" by the Brazilian band Angra, whose drummer Aquiles Priester is a source of inspiration for Tavinho and also for his father Junior Gomes.
The video was simple, recorded by a cell phone camera had a great effect on his father's social network. At 11, Tavinho signs his first contract with two international brands, Noah Drums and Williams Drumheads.
Today, Tavinho studies all styles like hawk, funk, sou, sertanejo and black music is inspired by several drummers, his work is highly sought after in Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais as a freelancer and recordings. recorded the work of the pair Oliver Mateus, Nando Martins, instrumental CD Marcelo Loss, CD Marcelo Oliveira and video clip and among other diverse singers and bands. Studying the instrument daily, practicing tirelessly. Espírito Santo heritage of music, Tavinho Drums is a great promise that undoubtedly marked his name in the degree of fame. 

Country: BRAZIL

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