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Meet the Artist

Tommie played professionally throughout the 1990s and into  the early 2000s with touring, recording , and session credits for Warner Chapel Publishing, Sony, Warner Bros., and Cave Records and Productions. Television credits include performing on the soundtracks for the hit TV shows 'Fear Factor' and ABC's 

'Making the Band'.
His live and studio  performances include national touring and recording the Kinship, Cloud 9, and The Voyd.
After a gunshot wound briefly sidelined his musical career the bullet is still lodged in his right knee - Tommie's indomitable spirit pushed him back in to drums.

Current activity includes session work, clinics, and in-person and online lessons where he shares his talent, passion, and knowledge for all things drums and percussion.
Tommie is proud to play Williams Drumheads, along with Centent Cymbals, and Los Cabos Drumsticks.


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