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Meet the Artist

Teacher, session studio and live drummer. Drummer of Gleb Oleynik, Siberian Meat Grinder, Witness Effect, Dominia; On account of more than a hundred songs and 20 official releases recorded in the studios of St. Petersburg and Moscow.

In connection with the bias towards more rock styles of performance, he works mainly in rock-metal bands. In 2014 and 2015 - bronze and silver medalist of a major drum competition in Russia - Baltic Drum Battle. Activity. On account of master classes in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The main themes are control, time, speed. A progressive approach to double pedal technique. Swivel technique. Performances at the reporting concert of the drum school "Pulse".

He constantly updates and replenishes his portfolio with new drum videos on his utube channel of an educational nature, as well as numerous recordings from studios, live performances and drum covers.

Concert activity. 7 full-fledged Eurotours, including solo concerts and joint tours with sick of it all, walls of Jericho, municipal waste, ignite. Participation in groups-Dominia, Сasper (ex. Korol i Shut, ex. Knyazz), Deadkedы, Prosperio (winner of the "red arrow" contest), Bkmsb (the Hatters), April becomes me, Change of Loyalty, Atlantis, Astarte, Cenotaph , Mary Mo, Verolom, Atmoshera, Hello Vietnam, The nameless cult, Bananas cream, Art Perfection, Fungorn, Abbysphere, Hot blood nature, Potlatch, Boarding, reborn. At the moment he teaches in his studio in St. Petersburg, works as a session, prepares students for the first concerts and drum videos.


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