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Meet the Artist

With more than 20 years of career, the drummer, producer, composer and also teacher, Walter Lopes is a native of São Paulo. His experience begins at the time of the gospel music revolution in Brazil. He was one of the forerunners and pioneers of Brazilian Christian Rock. His career begins with the boldness of his history with the drums, being very similar to that of some American musicians. From an christian family, he had his first contact with the instrument in the church.

He is considered the first national Christian drummer to be endorsed by world-renowned brands. He gives clinics, workshops and shows throughout Brazil. He recorded his first work in 1986. He founded one of the renowned bands in the Gospel world (Oficina G3), participated in three works recorded live: “Ao Vivo”, in 1990, and “Acústico Ao Vivo”, also on DVD in 1998. In 2000 he recorded the DVD “O Tempo”. He has a total of six CDs and three compilations with the band. He also participated in Rock in Rio 3 in 2001. Among his works, he also includes tours in Latin America and the United States.

In a new moment, aiming at a solo work, he released “Na Estrada”, his first Instrumental CD. With its own songs, guest songs and traditional hymns, it has demonstrated versatility and dynamics. With the production of Maurício Leite, it already stands out among the most sought after, obtaining a very interesting result.

With a modern and bold concept, he founded the band Judas o Outro, which has recorded 2 albums – “Judas o Outro” and the recently released “Do Fim ao Inicial”. He also stood out for the socio-cultural project Juventude Cidadã in the city of São Bernardo do Campo, with an average of 250 students, he developed the noble art of mixing Rhythms & Drums.

After almost two decades teaching and 02 years in Londrina, the Instituto de Drummers Walter Lopes is a reality and is present in 03 poles in the north of Paraná, Londrina, Ibiporã and Bela Vista do Paraíso, with the objective of teaching, improving and development of musical culture.


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